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"If you win playing in Yangon, I need to practice," Anna Sun Said

Myanmar has won two world championship belt is dominated body weight permits Darren and heavyweight world champion Anna Sun and prepare the players if they win in Yangon said there will not even practice.

Anna Sun protection belt belly weight permits Darren Champion in Yangon on June 29 Japanese players will compete with the Yellow Hat, the pre-tournament media and was interviewed via skype at the above answer.

Prepare training is the only key that can realize when playing Anna Sun "in Yangon more preparation let the fans and everyone. Amendments will be a good achievement. Whether whom preparation is important. Yangon, so do not take out.

Stop the preparation, if you can play in Yangon. There is nothing anymore news. But no such. Yangon, where any case, then try to adjust well, I believe efforts were successful, "he said.
Originally from the Brazilian players to compete with competitors without having to go much change in training methods and tactical training, according to Anna Sun said.

About upcoming rivals Hutchison's resistance to the Japanese players are very good, Long says, he thinks a few games The spotlight would be best to play up and said he had no estimate.

Kan Hutchison's body weight Championship although Japan experienced Smith Darren is one of the best players in the prime advantage of leg power and intense competition 5 4 win.